Developed by: R. Shibles, D. Muenchrath, M. Westgate, and Sotirios Archontoulis

Course Description: Physiological processes in crop growth, development, and yield: photosynthesis, respiration, water relations, mineral nutrition, assimilate partitioning, seedling vigor, light interception and canopy growth, root growth, reproduction, and yield. Required course for the Master of Science in Agronomy degree program and Agronomy Graduate Certificate program.

Course Prerequisites: AGRON 181 or equivalent, MATH 140, CHEM 163, BIOL 101. Restricted to graduate students enrolled in MS Agronomy, Agronomy Graduate Certificate, and MS Plant Breeding online degree programs at ISU. Students from other departments must get permission.


Dr. Mark Westgate

Phone: (515) 294-9654