Course Description: Soil properties and their impact on soil/plant relationships. Soil structure, aeration, moisture, and nutrients will be discussed in the context of soil fertility and environmental quality management. Required course for the Master of Science in agronomy degree program and agronomy graduate certificate program.

Course Prerequisites: AGRON 502. Recommended AGRON 501. Restricted to graduate students enrolled in MS Agronomy and Agronomy Graduate Certificate online degree program at ISU. Students from other departments must get permission.


David Kwaw-Mensah

Office: 2401 Agronomy
Phone: (515) 294-8039


Course Overview

Agronomy 512 focuses on the capacity of soils to function as growth media for plant roots. As a soils course of intermediate level (in this program), Agron 512 focuses primarily on the fertility aspects of soils. It applies, combines, and expands upon basic concepts learned in Agron 502. It discusses the impact of the soil physical, chemical, and biological conditions on plant root systems and vice versa. The course material is a summary of what we considered to be the most relevant information you need to know in order to support your critical reasoning when assessing and making soil management decisions. Consequently, it is important to fully understand the course information at the level of detail presented. You will be responsible for learning, reproducing, analyzing, and interpreting the information presented in the course material and assigned readings.