Study Questions and Activities

  • Try This! Review the Setup Tools

    This course is part of the MS Agronomy program and follows the format outlined in the program's Setup Tools.

    Read through the Setup Tools and complete the activities contained within. Be sure you have successfully completed the steps in "Setting up Your Computer" before continuing.

    You'll notice in the Setup Tools that this is an online course comprised of various technologies. Your ability to use a web browser, input assessment responses via text-editing software such as Microsoft Word, and access all the technologies will directly influence your success in the course.If you have not already done so:

    1. Visit the MS Agronomy website and look for the section titled "Browser and Computer Compatibility Test: Your Results". Ensure your computer passes all areas of the test. This will ensure your ability to fully utilize the online course materials.
    2. Then, visit the MyCanvas Students guide developed by Iowa State University. Complete the first module, called “Getting Started in Canvas”, to learn about Canvas’s technical requirements and which browser you should use for Canvas.