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Course Objectives:

The objective of Agronomy 533 is to follow up the baseline information presented in Agronomy 514 with advanced IPM concepts and applied management practices for each of the pest groups (pathogens, insects, and weeds). The students are expected to master this crop protection information so that they can:

  1. Understand the basis for the many pest management strategies and tactics that provide crops protection from pests. The material presented in this course (Agronomy 533) will help you understand “how” and “why” various pest management strategies work.
  2. Develop effective management systems to cope with pest outbreaks. By learning the various management tactics that help prevent and control pest outbreaks, the student should be able to design effective management strategies for emerging pest problems in his/her cropping system of interest.
  3. Trouble-shoot their pest-management systems in the future.  A good knowledge of pest biology and pest management tactics is crucial for trouble-shooting ineffective management systems or fine-tuning a pest management system that is not performing as well as was expected.
  4. Become a more well-rounded agronomist. Whether you will have the opportunity to implement IPM strategies in the future, or not, knowledge of these systems will aid you in understanding the complex interactions of pests and crops and how these interactions affect agronomic business decisions.