Developed by: Dr. Ken Moore and Dr. Tom Loynachan


Dr. Mark Westgate

Phone: (515) 294-9654

Welcome to Agron 599: Creative Component Seminar. We created this seminar in response to thoughts and suggestions expressed by graduating students. Almost all of them have told us that their Creative Component project was one of the most rewarding aspects of their graduate studies. However, they also told us that getting a project started and gaining traction with it were difficult. This seminar was created to help you get off to a good start on your creative component project.

To be successful in this seminar you need to be far enough along in your program to be confident that you can handle the extra work. Do not let the course title and the number of credits deceive you; this seminar will take a lot of your time and require assignments that are quite different than what you may have completed in other courses. You will be expected to develop your idea for a project into a plan for completing it. There will be a series of writing assignments that guide you through this process. The tasks start out relatively easy, but successively become more difficult culminating in a project proposal. Your final proposal should be of the quality that you would present to your employer. You need to take it seriously and have the time to do a good job with it.

We are still in the processing of shaping the seminar to meet your needs. We have tried to anticipate them and have created lessons in response to the most common questions and concerns about the creative component expressed by students. We know that there will be other topics that we will want to include as we learn from you. After all, this course is intended to provide the answers and information you need to get off to a good start with your creative component. Just remember that it is a work in progress and that your feedback is essential to our goal of making the process as straightforward as possible.

This course will be different than others in our program. The great news is that there are no exams and your assignments will mostly contribute to the creative component report that you will have to write as part of the requirements for graduation. We will try to provide you the best advice possible in selecting and developing a topic, choosing an advisor, and writing a proposal for your creative component. To do that, we need for you to be willing to communicate your ideas and to be open to advice. We will not tell you what to do, but will try to discourage you from doing things that are unreasonably difficult. In the end we want you to be successful and hope that by offering this seminar we can make your creative component experience a good one.

Course Goals

  1. Acquaint students with the learning objectives inherent in completing a creative component project
  2. Delineate the expectations for creative component projects
  3. Describe the process of identifying a creative component topic and developing a project proposal
  4. Provide instructions for writing the creative component report and preparing for its defense


  1. Orientation to the creative component
  2. Selecting and developing a topic
  3. Working with your Program of Study Committee (POSC)
  4. Planning and conducting a research project
  5. Planning and implementing an educational project
  6. Guidelines for writing the proposal and final report
  7. Preparing for your final defense


  1. Develop an idea for your creative component project
  2. Identify a mentor
  3. Complete POSC appointment form
  4. Develop a preproposal for your creative component project idea