Setup Tools


Welcome to the MS Agronomy program's setup tool. Students should review this tool if they are taking a course in the MS Agronomy program for the first time or wish to set up their computer for the most recent courseware and plugins. The purpose of this tool is to introduce the overall course format and the interactive components of the courses in order to prepare the user to utilize the courseware efficiently. This tool contains general course information and examples of the lesson format for students to understand the navigation and interactive strategies prior to taking the course(s). Each lesson generally begins with an introduction to the topic, followed by a listing of the required and suggested readings, as shown below.

The introduction is followed by lesson objectives which should give you an idea of what will be included in your assessments.


  1. Set up your computer for program courseware.
  2. Understand general lesson format.
  3. Understand navigation and icons.
  4. Learn how to get help when needed.

At the top of each page are the black forward and back buttons. Click on the right button to proceed. You may also click the blue "Course Structure ›" hyperlink in the bottom right corner of the page to proceed.